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vr 26 jul


Clean Bodies

Personal Hygiene, Sexual Purity, and Morality in Minkaohan Women’s Gendered Constructions of Minkaomin Uyghurs Inner Asia Colloquium

Clean Bodies
Clean Bodies

Time & Location

26 jul 2024, 15:00

About the event

Within Uyghur society, minkaohan are criticized by minkaomin in various realms of everyday life due to their status as Uyghurs educated at Han Chinese schools. To contest their stigmatized role, young minkaohan women in Xinjiang’s capital Urumchi use the Chinese terms ganjing (“clean”) and “unclean” (bu ganjing) to describe differences in minkaohan and minkaomin respectively, focusing on themes of personal hygiene, beauty standards, social behavior, and sexual purity. This talk aims to shed light on inter-Uyghur relations in Urumchi before 2017 and explores the minkaohan/minkaomin relationship from the perspective of female minkaohan. 

The speaker is Lisa Ernst, independent researcher focusing on Uyghur minkaohan women in Xinjiang.

Join the lecture via MS Teams: meeting ID: 393 445 314 286, password: SuoXWQ

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