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The methodological approach of Remote Ethnography is a main feature of this project. Below we elaborate on how we understand this methodological medley, where we take our inspiration and where we hope to develop as a project. Inaccessibility and full scale surveillance is forcing researchers of all disciplines and many geographical regions to take on remote research as an alternative or in combination with on-the-ground work. This is creating a wide discussion around the development of new methodological tools and their combination. We are aiming to take part in this discussion. We do not see our approach of remote Ethnography as a finished method but as one in process, in development. One important aim of the project is to continue this process and to document it, which in part takes place here.

thoughts & resources


This section aims to collect literature on remote ethnography and lessons from academic activities organised without the REMOTE XUAR project and by other scholars studying closely related topics. Thoughts, comments and reflections on such methodology will allow us to grow our collection of tools for remote ethnographic work.

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