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The Remote Blog

This blog features posts by project members and invited researchers from outside working on related topics. The form and type of contribution is not limited. The Remote Blog provides a space to quickly publish new ideas and findings and gain feedback for peers or to develop thoughts and projects in the making. It is also a place to make peers aware of new material and perspectives that the scholarly community may benefit from or could take up for new research. This blog is not primarily a platform to present finished work bus a canvas for experimentation and for thinking. Please come think with us! Comment on the existing pieces and submit topics, ideas or partial pieces for possible inclusion in the blog. The blog focusses and privileges issues related to XUAR, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Central Asia, China and methodologies of remote research and mass atrocities, but in principle no limits are set for topics and ideas that have some, however creative, relation to the project.

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